Dell G5587 G5 15 5587 Laptop Review

Dell G5587 G5 ReviewNext, up we have the Dell G5587 G5 15 5587 Laptop and this isn’t a flashy or fancy laptop but it is extremely solid and durable in the sense that it will stand its ground and might just be the most reliable laptop for gamers ever!

This is because with the Dell G5 15 you have the ability to play most of the most intensive Full HD games and never have to worry about slow or lagging frame rates. This is all at the expense of style but as an avid gamer will agree faster speeds gaming are worth not having a very visually appealing laptop. You should know right off the bat that this isn’t a premium device nor does it claim to be.

Dell G5587 G5 15 5587 Laptop Review

One saving grace that this laptop is hooked with however is that the G5 does come with a pretty cool backlit keyboard which is excellent for usage in low light settings so that no matter what you don’t have to let your work stop. However, on the flip side, the backlit aspect is only really helpful in seriously dark areas and isn’t noticeable when there is light around.

Now for the negatives, as we already mentioned before it isn’t all that flashy or nice to look at, it basically looks dated in a lot of ways but the real concern is that even though you get amazing gaming speeds and compatibility with games of all kinds, the resolution and picture quality isn’t nearly as nice. Click here, If you are interested in reading a detailed buyer guide on Best Laptop For Adobe Illustrator.

However, when you do compare the Dell G5 is to its competition and you take into consideration how great of a gaming laptop it was, you could definitely forgive some of its more aesthetic flaws. The laptop also delivers in terms of a long-lasting battery life which of course is a must-have when you are running heavy-duty games. If you are looking for long-lasting value for money, then you need not look further than the Dell dell G5585

  • Compatible with intensive Full HD games
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Impressive battery life
  • Mid-range laptop
  • Design isn’t as appealing
  • Bulkier

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